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We decided to head back to the beach this summer and take in more of the Jersey shore.  In fact, it was the same vacation spot right down to the hotel.  Well, that's gotta say something for the Wildwood area, right.

We took in a lot more beach this year and have the tans to prove it!  The babies sauntered into the water like they owned the Atlantic itself.  Mike spent his time on his boogie board.  Beth split her time evenly between sun bathing and complaining.  What's not to love about teenage girls!.  (Actually, many thanks to Beth and Michael for their watchful eye, quick feet, and unending patience with the babies.)  Nancy, despite her best efforts, never did get her nap in the sun. (Sorry!)  As for me, I enjoyed the relaxing time with the family and was simply glad to keep sand out of my cameras!  We also made the short drive to Cape May as well and took in an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing.  The area is known for its many Victorian houses and tree lined streets.

Most evenings were spent on the boardwalk playing games and eating all those amusement park delicacies the American Heart Association has outright banned.  Michael and Beth found go-carts ... exactly how many times will we be reminded that Beth will be driving soon?

So that's it.  The tail end to a busy and fun filled summer. You can take a look at last summer's trip to Wildwood.  Here are a few other links to some of the local sights and eateries.



Wildwood Area

Cape May

The Ravioli House - great Italian family dining

Sea Shell Ice Cream - always a line,
always worth the wait

Bella Pizza (No site available) South end of boardwalk - Hands down best pizza in Wildwood


Here comes the sun!

Getting everyone ready and out the door was only half the fun of going to the beach!


Evenings on the boardwalk actually kept these two from hitting each other. Notice that Mike is protecting his vital organs.


Did I mention this boy sleeps everywhere we go!


Wildwood's locals are friendly but only drop in during meals.


Beth stopped looking at the boys just long enough for me to snap this picture.


Paul maintains lip-biting focus while flying a kite.

Beach Taxi

This wasn't staged. "Boogie sled" became Paul's only mode of transportation to and from the water. (Look at his hands - he tried to keep them out of the sand!)

Hang Ten

Paul loved the waves lapping at his feet.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Who would have thought ... parrot heads in Jersey.

Asphalt Maniac

"The sun has gone down and the moon has come up, and long ago somebody left with the cup. He's going the distance..." - Cake

Wasting no time

They were in the thick of it before we could even get their coverups off.

Accidental Tourist

Not exactly thrilled to be in Cape May ... then he found the arcade.


Many believe that "orbs" are actually spirits that only appear in photographs. Spooky, huh? We didn't see any ghosts but the babies liked the soapy bubbles!

Fun in the Sun

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then this one says it all!


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