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Our triplets came one day shy of 37 weeks gestation.  Those fateful words, "Honey, my water broke!"
came at 4:10am on October 17, 2001.

Our six week ultrasound,
oh, what a shocker!
A small squadron of storks brought our bundles of joy.
Veronica Rose, born at 9:22am (5lbs, 12oz; 19in) came back to our room immediately.
Mark William, born at 9:27am (4lbs, 1oz; 18in) wasn't much of a feeder and spent two weeks in the NICU.
Paul Edward, born at 9:28am (4lbs, 14oz; 18.5in) was a little on the cool side and spent one night in the NICU with Mark.

Ronnie and Paul together again (just two days old) after Paul came back from the NICU.  The reunion was brief...then, nap time!


Ah, the proud parents with their new tax deductions!





Grandma was there every
step of the way.



Aunt Anna Marye with Paul.



Nina (cousin) with Ronnie.



Beth holding her
new brother, Paul.



Despite the smile, Mike is terrified holding the
precious cargo.


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