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Obleo (oh-blee-oh) and Sabrina are 3 year old litter mates. They are a Black Lab/Pit Bull mix.  As the pictures show, they look more like Black Labs -- they even have webbed paws.  Thank goodness we love them because neither dog earns his/her keep.  Obleo is afraid of everything and unless you're looking to have the inside of your mouth licked, Sabrina has yet to serve a purpose.  Honestly, they're great snugglers, love popcorn and Cap'n Crunch cereal, and believe that snow must be attacked!



Hot dogs in the park!


She will now attempt to retrieve
her "bink" from the beast's mouth.



Trust us, they're not
always this sweet.



Obleo, ever the ambassador of
good will, welcomes a
temporary house guest.


The "house rules on sharing"
were not made clear to Sabrina.


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