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A three day business trip for Nancy meant mini-vacation for the whole family.  We got the entire family up at 3:30am and hopped a Monday morning flight to Chicago - oh, how the business travelers absolutely loved Veronica and Paul!  Didn't matter, the little ones were way too cranky to notice the evil glares.  We hit the ground running and were off to Shedd Aquarium for the afternoon.  The good folks at Nancy's company knew she was bringing in her family and offered us corporate box seats right behind home plate at U.S. Cellular field to see the White Sox and Indians play ball.

We were at it again on Tuesday with a brisk walk to Navy Pier.  We hit all the shops and eateries. The babies got to terrorize the Chicago Children's Museum.  We then cabbed it to Buckingham Fountain and ate hot dogs while fighting the mist from the fountain, the wind, and the aggressive pigeons.  Michael, by the way, hailed all of our cabs like he was born in the big city.  That night we took a quiet stroll from our hotel in "the Loop" over to Sears Tower to see the city by night.

Our flight left Midway at 2pm so we spent Wednesday morning at the hotel pool.  It was a quick trip but we managed to squeeze a whole lot of Chicago into it - even authentic Chicago pizza!

Chicago's Harbor

View from Shedd Aquarium looking North across the harbor.

Haggard Traveler

Veronica made time to freshen up and lounge as would any seasoned traveler. (Yeah...I was trying for the "blurry" effect.)

Play Time

Mike joined in a game of "crack the whip" near the entrance to Navy Pier


Modern art also makes for a nice wind break while on the Navy Pier.

Lego Wall

The Children's Museum was like heaven for the babies - Veronica had fun too.


Paul refused to get out of this canoe at the Children's Museum because it matched his outfit so nicely.

Buckingham Fountain

Located in Grant Park, this fountain is one of the largest in the world. A 150 ft. geyser erupts from the fountain's center every hour.

She will smile...

...when forced and the sound of a camera shutter is audible.

The Z-man

Just noticed that there is a picture of Paul sleeping on most of our vacation pages. The boy knows how to vacation.

Aerial View

Chicago from the window of our departing aircraft.


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