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We flew to California during July of 2001.  We had a beach house rented in Santa Cruz just a 1/2 block from the breaking waves.  We also rented a convertible Mustang and were ready for sun and surf ... however, the weather didn't comply with our itinerary.

Our beach house...very cozy
and loaded with amenities!
Capitola Beach and Wharf is reminiscent of a Spanish village. Beth and Michael made the
most of the cool days.

The steam train at
Roaring Camp provides
tours through the forest.

Sunlight beaming through
the giant Redwoods
at Roaring Camp.

One of the "locals" at
Monterey Bay Aquarium.


On the train at Roaring
Camp. The passenger
cars are entirely open.

Overlooking the Pajaro Valley
in Watsonville, CA.

On the cave train at Santa
Cruz Beach and Boardwalk.


One of the rare full-frontal
shots "allowed" while
Nancy was pregnant.

Mike defies gravity
at the
Mystery Spot.

"No, I'm not sleeping and
put the camera down."
  (Note the sweatshirts...brrrr!)


A daring surf rescue?
An episode of Bay
Watch?  No, Michael
found himself in
knee-deep water and
a treacherous
bed of sea weed.
What are big sisters
for anyway!


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